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CognoPedia has been created to provide a wide variety of documents, in different areas of the brain knowledge. CognoPedia is a living encyclopedia, and all the quality contributions are not only welcome, but also needed for the success of this project as a source of knowledge.

The base configuration of CognoPedia includes 5 large categories, which are explained below:

1. The Brain And it's Evolution: this section includes the evolution of the human brain, and the human mature brain. Most general definitions will fall under this knowledge category.
2. Development of the Human Brain: this section includes the different phases of brain development, from pre-natal to the aging brain.
3. Agents of Brain Plasticity: this section includes the types of plasticity that occurs in the brain, from genetic, neurologic or external/environmental plasticity agents.
4. Organizations: this section includes the institutions, companies or other type of organizations working in the area of the brain.
5. People: this section includes relevant people that have been known for their work or relevance in the brain and neuroscience.

Please choose your preferred option below to continue your CognoPedia journey:

The Brain and its Evolution Development of the Human Brain Agents of Brain Plasticity Organizations People