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What is CognoPedia

CognoPedia is a free encyclopedia of the brain and neuroscience built collaboratively using wiki software.

Why does CognoPedia exist

The objective of this project is to be a hub for the knowledge, scientific research and articles in the amazing world of the human brain and neuroscience. The CognoPedia project aims at achieving a strong collaboration from the scientific community and enthusiasts on the topics related to brain and cognition, but it is at the same time a space for everyone who is interested in the topic to participate, either by learning from the content or by contributing to enrich it.

What are the sources of the content

CognoPedia is first of all based on publicly available content. The intention however is to create over time an increasing level of original content, to the benefit of all.

See Also

CognoPedia is a project supported by CogniFit, a leading brain training software company.