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Autism Plus is a charity based in Yorkshire providing care and support for people with autism, learning disabilities and mental health difficulties. Autism Plus is a registered charity No.518591

Autism Plus works with individuals mainly with autism, many of whom have complex and high support needs. They provide a range of provision including residential services, supported living, adult learning and day services, community outreach, employment support, social enterprises, children's service and transitions support.


Autism Plus was started in 1986 by a group of parents with autistic children under the name of Thorne House Services for Autism. Thorne House initially provided services for a small number of young adults who were leaving special schools in the local area as no appropriate adult provision was available. Since then the charity has grown considerably and now provides a diversity of services throughout Yorkshire to many people affected by autism and related conditions.

In 2006 Thorne House Services for Autism changed its name to Autism Plus to reflect the wider range of disabilities of the people they support and to reflect the person centred, holistic approach of its services.

The Adsetts Partnership

Autism Plus are founder members of The Adsetts Partnership. A number of medium sized voluntary sector providers operating in the north of England which have come together under the umbrella The Adsetts Partnership to work collaboratively. Member organisations are drawn from a range of sectors - social care, health care, education, employment, BME. He recruited new trustees with what he calls, “diverse skills” many from business, as more than fifty percent of trustees were parents, which he identified as being an “unhealthy balance percentage”.

In Yorkshire, the NAS did a pilot employment program for ASD and according to Tony Attwoods book, Complete Guide to Aspergers, had a 60% success rate. Today, Autism Plus do not keep statistics of specific ASD back-to work success rates.


Simon Weston O.B.E. became patron of Autism Plus in 2010.[1]


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